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Please check this site regularly for notification of Special Events.

Assistance from the Special Constabulary is required to police ALL events and we would appreciate as much assistance as possible from our officers. So please plan ahead to volunteer during the below special events.

Please contact your Special Events Sergeant - Sgt. Rodney Rivers in order to volunteer for these events. We need maximum support from ALL Specials.

Please note that all "Active Duty" officers are, in addition to regular patrol, REQUIRED to work at least 6 Special Events per year, all "Events Only" officers are also REQUIRED to work Special Events. Also note that it is mandatory to respond to ALL duty requests.




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06 Jun 2012
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We Need You!

30 Jan 2012
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The Special Constabulary is the part-time volunteer section of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service in the Cayman Islands. Our officers are known as Special Constables Informally known as ‘Specials’ we are everyday people who, in our spare time, do something positive for ourselves and our community.

  • Special Constables have identical powers to regular (full-time) and work alongside these police officers
  • Special Constables volunteer at least 15 hours a month
  • Special Constables make a real difference

If you would like to talk to somebody about becoming a Special then please email us at:
info @